Stem Cell Therapy

Clinique Veterinaire Bozon has recently begun offering Stem Cell Therapy for treatment of various diseases, among them, heart failure.  No official studies have been conducted to produce verifiable evidence of success rates, however data has been extrapolated from human medicine and other inflammatory disease treated in dogs to make the decision to offer stem cell treatment as part of post-operative after care.

In France, stem cells come from the laboratory Stem-T, which is located close to the clinic to ensure the "freshness" of cells injected. 

Some of the main benefits of stem cell injections could be:

  • Effective immuno-Modulator for regulating the immune system.

  • Serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory for the heart, having undergone a transient ischemic attack during the open heart surgery, or general inflammation during any inflammatory systemic response, such as pancreatitis.

  • Promotes a secretion of growth factors and cytokines which favor the healing and repair of cells including the red blood cells.

  • Activates cellular receptors (paracrine signalling) promoting revascularization, hindering cell death, favoring the anti-oxidation and slowing down cellular fibrosis.

The treatment involves injecting 5 million stem cells per kg intravenously.  These stem cells take 5 days to be grown and must be injected "fresh", so the request to the Stem-T laboratory must be carried out a week before the expected date of treatment.  There are also different ways to give stem cells, such as a patch on the myocardium (in humans), and many different types of stem cells.  This is very promising emerging research in the medical world.

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