Drs. Dan Brockman & Poppy Bristow (RVC) interview Part 2

Hi Everyone,

I had the privilege of interviewing two of my heroes today, Drs. Dan Brockman & Poppy Bristow. This is a completion of our first interview where we already discussed the various stages of mitral valve heart disease and the candidacy process as well as the team’s history of how they ended up at the Royal Veterinarian College.

Today we discussed their current success rates and how the surgical process works at the RVC. In addition we discussed future expansion plans for the mitral valve repair heart program at the RVC and learned that Poppy has mastered the surgical technique and will also be performing the surgery in Dan's absence starting in the summer, doubling their efforts.

It's very exciting to see the RVC teaching this life saving technique to others and quickly expanding its capabilities. This program along with Japan and the recently announced Florida exchange program will save many more lives. It is extremely important that all of these locations are supported so that they may have the resources they need to grow and evolve these programs.

It's been a humbling experience personally for myself witnessing these amazing dedicated doctors save so many of our precious babies. I look forward to the future of these programs.

Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs | Mighty Hearts Project