Bailey is a 10 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Long Island, NY.  He was diagnosed in October 2013 with Mitral Valve Disease Stage B2.  Bailey was taken to the cardiologist after his owner detected his murmur (Madeline is a PA with ER and cardiology experience).  He was completely asymptomatic but his echo showed "severe, chronic MVD" in October 2013.  He was started on Enalapril 3.25mg qd.

On Valentine's Day 2015, Bailey went into mild CHF after vomiting the day before from something he ate.  On February 16, 2015, Bailey was started on Vetmedin 1.25mg bid by Dr. Kramer.  No furosemide was given.  In 2016, Bailey had several readings of pulmonary hypertension, the highest being 68 mm/hg.  Surgery is scheduled in Japan with Dr. Uechi for July 25, 2017.  Bailey will be 11 years old at the time of his procedure.

He is currently on herbal diuretics and tiny dose of furosemide 1/2 of 6.25 mg/day.  According to Dr. Uechi, he is Stage C (Dr. Kramer says B2/C).  Bailey's health is otherwise excellent except for occasional environmental allergies, which can put him into respiratory distress (Last CXR 3 wks. ago showed no pulmonary edema).  He is not currently symptomatic unless he runs and plays with his sibling and has gotten winded more easily in the past month.  Bailey gets regular acupuncture laser treatments and is on multiple supplements, including herbal therapy.

Primary Vet:  Dr. R. Fredericks, North Shore Animal Hospital, Northport NY
Cardiologist:  Dr. Kramer, Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists, Bohemia, NY
Owner:  Madeline Martinez

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