In March 2017 we discovered that Charlie had a heart murmur when we went to our vets for his annual vaccination and checkup. Following heart scans shortly after we were given the distressing news that Charlie had MVD and that other than managing the disease there was nothing that could be done and we would lose him within 18 months or so. After much research I discovered that surgery may be a possibility and learned about the amazing work of Dr. Masami Uechi. I also discovered that Dr. Dan Brockman at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in the UK had also started the technique, so I immediately asked for a referral to the cardiology team there to find out if Charlie would be a candidate for surgery. Whilst we were told about the risks the team advised us that Charlie could be considered for mitral valve repair, which gave us hope that we may be able to save him.

Charlie remained stable for most of 2017, but then started to deteriorate towards the end of the year. Early in 2018 we were offered a place for surgery with Dr. Dan Brockman and the team in February. Two weeks before surgery Charlie progressed into heart failure so we were rather fortunate with the timing as he seemed to be getting worse day by day. He had his MVR surgery on 26 February 2018 with no complications and has made an amazing recovery. Charlie no longer has a heart murmur, only has a very minor regurgitation and his heart continues to reduce in size but will remain on Vetmedin for the time being. He is basically just back to his normal self again and is behaving like a very happy and healthy dog with a whole new lease of life.


Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs | Mighty Hearts Project