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While traveling to Japan for my surgery I used a wonderful pet taxi service called  Yako doghouse that specializes in picking up pets and families from local airports (Haneda and Narita).  I must say it was a great and affordable experience.  The taxi fit three people and our dog on our lap as well as three large suitcases and a large dog stroller very comfortably.  Izu was the drivers name and he was very nice and offered to workout even taking us to our exportation appointment before leaving Japan,

“ The purpose of the exportation process is to have your pet inspected by the Japanese animal quarantine services ten days or less before your departure from Japan so they can be sure your dog is free of any signs of rabies.  You will be given a special certificate allowing you to show the airlines so your dog can be exported out of Japan properly, when arriving into Japan you will have a chance to setup that appointment while checking in with the animal quarantine services”

If anyone is interested in using this service here are pricing examples and booking instructions according to the website.  Please book a reservation before your arrival into Japan as well as pay in cash which is in the form of Japanese Yen, no credit cards are accepted and they will never asked for your credit card information when booking your reservation.

Yako Doghouse  - Japan Pet Taxi Service

Tel & Fax: (045) 573-0507

Facebook page




I emailed and primarily used Facebook messenger with Izu and he sent me an agreement to fill out via email to officially book the reservation. Izu was at the airport holding my name up as soon as I departed customs.  I let him know via messenger when I arrived and when I was clearing customs.

Pricing information according to his website, 

Estimate to Tokyo,

7070 yen = 65.00 US, Cash only

Here is his about section of the companies website,

We offer the most effective, affordable and professional pet transportation alternative in Tokyo.

Our goal is to provide safe, reliable and stress-free transportation for your pets to and from appointments, the kennel or the airport (and more) we give you peace of mind.

Our staff can pick up your pet, take them to their appointment, and bring them home when they are done. Please contact the following e-mail address for an estimate inquiry.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, we are always glad to here from you.

Special Price,

Haneda AirPort to Narita AirPort 20000yen (Highway fee Incl)

For example

Haneda AirPort to Tokyo Minato-ku Area 5520yen

(Highway fee Incl)

Haneda AirPort to Yokohama Station 6120 yen (Highway fee Incl)

Contact information

Yakodoghouse (Pet Taxi)

Hours:AM 08:30〜PM 18:00

(Please contact us for other than operating time)



Lots of luggage space

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