During your 180 day quarantined waiting period, you will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Receive the Rabies Titer (FAVN) Test Results

  • Complete any remaining testing as directed by the JASMINE clinic and get a surgery date scheduled

  • Complete the Import Notification Form

  • Register your dog as an ESA (emotional support animal) so that it may sit with you on the plane to and from Japan

    Please see: ESA Letter under the General Travel section of this website

  • Make all airline and hotel reservations

  • Have the final USDA health check performed and get the USDA health certificate endorsed for travel after having the quarantine office review the documentation for any possible corrections.

Official FAVN Report
This can be a copy or faxed report with a sticker affixed with a blue insignia. The original sticker is what makes this the “official” rabies titer document. (click to enlarge)

Rabies Titer (FAVN) Test Results

The 180-day countdown to Japan starts on the day the titer was drawn, assuming the antibody result will come back at a passing level (greater than 0.5 IU/mL). It will take approximately 3-4 weeks for your veterinarian to receive the results.

If your dog fails the titer test (with a result of less than 0.5 IU/mL), and you completed a rabies vaccine and the titer test on the same day, the booster shot given should kick in by the time you get the titer results, and your dog will be eligible for a re-test right away (Kansas State Lab recommends 21-days between vaccination and titer testing). In other words, once you find out your dog’s titer results failed, have him/her re-tested immediately. Your 180-day countdown now starts on the day the re-test titer is drawn. Be sure to obtain the “official” FAVN report from your veterinarian. You will need to present this at your USDA appointment, and in person at the Quarantine Office in Japan. This remains valid for two years from the date of sampling.


Complete Import Notification Form

Import Notification Form
Specifics on completing the form for dogs going for MVD Repair at Jasmine. (click to expand)

Complete and submit the “Notification for Import of Dogs Under the Rabies Prevention Law and The Domestic Animal Infectious Disease Control Law” form. Complete this step as soon as you know what your travel dates will be, and which airport you will be arriving at and departing from, Haneda or Narita. The Japan Quarantine office requires 40 days advanced notice, so be sure this step is completed at least 40 days prior to your departure date.

Fax or email completed form and FAVN titer results to the Quarantine office of your arrival airport:

Narita Branch, First baggage inspection division:
Narita International Airport (Terminal 1):
Fax: +81-476-30-3011
Phone: +81-476-32-6664

Narita Branch, Second baggage inspection division:
Narita International Airport (Terminal 2):
Fax: +81-476-34-2338
Phone: +81-476-34-2342

Haneda Airport Branch, Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport):
Fax: +81-3-5757-9758
Phone: +81-3-5757-9752

Example on how to fill out form, as provided by Japan Quarantine Service

Once approved, the Quarantine Office will send you an “Approval of Import Inspection of Animals” form. Print this out and keep it as a part of your documentation packet. You will need the Approval Number (see red arrow in document) for future documentation (Forms A and C).

USDA Health Certificate

You must make an appointment with the USDA office in order to get the health certificate endorsed in person.  Make this appointment as soon as you know when your flight will be, and after the final health check appointment with your vet (in that 10 day window)Find your local USDA office here.

Within 10 days of your departure, bring your dog to a USDA accredited veterinarian for a final health check to confirm that your dog is free of clinical signs of infectious diseases including rabies and leptospirosis. Bring the FAVN titer report, and any documentation of vaccinations your dog has had to the appointment. Have your USDA accredited vet complete Form AC. You can be proactive and partially fill-out Form AC prior to your veterinarian health check appointment, having them complete the rest.

The above forms will be considered your dog’s Health Certificate. No pencil, erasable pen, or white out can be used on these forms. Use double lines to strike through any mistakes, and sign and date (as you would when writing a check).

Email or fax the health certificate documentation above to the Quarantine office at your arrival airport in Japan (Haneda or Narita) to confirm that everything is acceptable before moving forward and getting the official USDA endorsement.  They will gladly give you feedback if anything needs to be changed or updated prior to finalizing everything at the USDA office.

For any changes, it is required that a "MODIFICATION ON NOTIFICATION OF IMPORT OF ANIMALS" form be submitted to the Quarantine Office immediately, and prior to your arrival date. Failure can deny your entry in Japan.

After all verification is complete, Take the following documents to your pre-scheduled USDA appointment:

  • Rabies Titer (FAVN) Test Results Certificate

  • Certificates of Rabies Vaccinations

  • Microchip certification (includes number and date of implanting)

  • Completed Japan Pet Import Notification Form

  • Approval of Import Inspection of Animals

  • Modification on Notification of Import Animals (If applicable)

  • Completed form AC, Form AC must also be endorsed by APHIS Veterinarian Services

  • There is a $120 fee payable by credit card or check.

  • They will give you an official stamp on the import document.

  • You do NOT need to bring your pet to the USDA office unless they are a true service animal.

You may also submit the above documentation to your local USDA Office by mail (via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL).  This is highly discouraged since you must send all originals and if there is any delay or complication with your shipment and retrieval of the documents, you may not be able to fly on your scheduled date. 

For information on navigating the Haneda and Narita airport quarantine service, and what to do on the day of travel and arriving/departing Japan, see the Travel To Japan page.