The Mighty Hearts Project was founded by owners of dogs who have benefited from surgical intervention in Versailles, France with Dr. Masami Uechi, Dr. Jean-Hugues Bozon, and Dr. Sabine Bozon and their teams.  Each founding member has had a unique experience with their dog's diagnosis, pre-surgical treatment, intervention, post-surgical challenges, and recoveries.  We feel passionately about bringing visibility to this surgery by sharing our collective knowledge about our experience with the world.  Our goal is to advance the care for dogs in the United States (US) by collaborating with veterinarians and other supporters to bring you current research and updates on emerging techniques on mitral valve disease and repair. 




We believe in educating dog owners about the most viable option for advanced treatment of mitral valve disease.  We support bringing awareness to US veterinary professionals about Dr. Uechi's technique and the surgeries performed in three clinics worldwide.  Our specific focus is on Drs. Sabine and Jean-Hugues Bozon's Clinic in France, and Dr. Uechi's JASMINE clinic in Japan.  We encourage US cardiologists to increase their knowledge and exposure to this technique by witnessing the intervention. 



By increasing the demand for advanced care, we also wish to leverage the collective global interest in this technique by bringing internationally known inventor of mitral valve surgery in small breed dogs, Dr. Masami Uechi, to the US for direct interventions with dogs with mitral valve disease and mentor up and coming veterinary talent to be able to perform the technique with confidence. 


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We support dog owners from the inception of their diagnosis, through their decision-making process on what type of care is best for their family, all the way through intervention if they choose to take that path.  We also support emerging research on mitral valve disease and share the best possible options for dog owners.

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