Welcome to the Mighty Hearts Project Community.  This community was originally founded by owners of dogs who have benefited from mitral valve repair surgery performed by Dr. Masami Uechi.

Feel free to ask questions pertaining to the mitral valve repair surgery, discuss your stories and experiences, share articles and/or research on advanced treatments for mitral valve disease, and participate in conversations.  Please be respectful to all members and their opinions.  Members who are unable to follow this rule will be removed from the group.  Rules of engagement are as follows:

  • The exchange of information does not replace veterinary exams and/or care. If you are in doubt, get it checked out.

  • Please do not post advertisements for products you are trying to sell. We don’t condone selling of medications.

  • While we have every sympathy for dogs needing homes, lost dogs, fundraising for care, causes, etc., this is not the group to be posting in.

  • Please take the time to search through old posts before asking a question that may have already been asked. You can search by typing specific keyword text at the top of the group page.

  • Please take the time to read all of the comments on a particular thread before adding yours so that you are not repeating advice or adding advice after a question has already been answered.

  • Please do not clutter up the Facebook feed with multiple posts on topics that do not relate to questions about the MVR surgery or about MVD. (Asking for thoughts and prayers in relation to MVD is fine, just please limit it to ONE post and add updates by editing that original post with the new information).

  • Multiple posts on the same topic will be deleted to prevent them from spamming the Facebook community feed. This is to be considerate to other members looking for more information about the Mitral Valve Repair surgical options.

  • Graphic content such as dogs in acute respiratory distress are discouraged because it opens up the person to negative critiques. Any such content (if the person really desires it to be posted) must be preceded by a ‘Graphic Content Warning’ message prior to it loading and will be reviewed by the admins to decide if it is indeed appropriate to be posted on our page.

  • Photos of deceased dogs (as in their actual dead bodies) no matter how lovingly done, will NOT be allowed on the page. (Yes, it’s been attempted).

  • Complaints about specific individuals and/or the doctors who care for our dogs will NOT be tolerated. (We are not Yelp.) We reserve the right to approve or delete any post we choose. Bashing of any kind will be strictly dealt with and repeated attempts will result in a ban from our page.

  • Please do not post questions about why a post was deleted or why someone was banned from the group.

  • If you see a post that does not belong in the group, please use the report option so an administrator can directly review it.

  • Remember, we are a publicly open visible group so think before you post.

Group Administrators are:

  • Nate Estes


  • Danielle Wentz

  • Julianne Van Allen

  • Lisa Choate Falchetti

If you have any questions about the group, contact an Administrator directly via private message.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules of engagement.  

Please visit our Mighty Hearts Project website to learn more about the mitral valve repair surgery

-- Mighty Hearts Project Community Administrator Team