A Word On Microchips

While the recommended microchip type is ISO, or International Organization for Standardization microchip, which consists of 15-digits, it is not required that your dog have this specific type of microchip. According to Japan’s Animal Quarantine Service, “If the microchip is not in accordance with ISO standards… you should contact Animal Quarantine Service at expected port of entry.” Basically, they would like advanced notice because while they have readers for ISO microchips, they do not guarantee their readers can read other types of microchips. In these cases, they will ask that you bring a scanner able to read your specific type of microchip.

According to an email response from the Quarantine Service at the Haneda Airport sent on 1/24/2017:

"We (Haneda) have the following microchip readers. Please confirm with your veterinarian or the microchip manufacturer whether your pet’s microchip can be scanned by one of the following microchip readers. If the microchip cannot be scanned by one of these readers, you must provide a reader that can read the microchip number at the time of our inspection.






Product Name:



Mini Tracker 3

LID-572 Pocket Reader"


Steps To Follow:


Have your veterinarian implant an ISO-compatible microchip.  When your microchip is new, a rabies vaccination must be completed AFTER the microchip is implanted (but on the same day).


Wait at least 30 days (or more)


On the 31st day or after, have your veterinarian administer a second rabies vaccination.  On this same day, have your vet draw a blood sample for a rabies titer (FAVN test type) to be drawn and sent to one of the two designated rabies testing labs in the US:

Kansas State University Rabies Laboratory
2005 Research Park Circle
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
Phone: (785) 532-4483 or (785) 532-4455
Fax: (785) 532-4483 or (785) 532-4455
E-mail :rabies@vet.ksu.edu
Website: http://www.ksvdl.org/rabies-laboratory/favn-test/index.html

Atlanta Health Associates, Inc. (New as of 7/2017)
309 Pirkle Ferry Road, Suite D300
Cumming, GA 30040
Phone: (770) 205-9091
Fax: (770) 205-9021
E-mail : info@atlantahealth.net

Helpful Tip:

If submitting rabies titer test to Kansas State University Rabies Laboratory, have your veterinarian call the laboratory at (785) 532-4483 to set-up a diagnostic account number. With a diagnostic account number, your veterinarian can go online to register and learn how to submit the rabies titer test. Kansas State University Rabies Laboratory will send a free UPS shipping label to your veterinarian. Testing submitted directly through the laboratory’s online system is significantly discounted.


Wait 180 days during the quarantine period.  This waiting period can be done at home, not in isolation.  During this 180 day waiting period, a lot can be accomplished with regard to your travel to Japan.  Please continue here for a suggested checklist.