Sophie is a 9 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Washington Crossing, PA.  Sophie was diagnosed with MVD in June 2012. It was only a grade 2 murmur and did not require any medication at that time. She was rechecked in March 2013 and the MVD had progressed. There was some regurgitation with minimal heart enlargement so she was put on 25 mg Enalapril 2 x per day. Slowly over the following years her heart continued to enlarge and the murmur became more pronounced. In 2016 she was put on Vetmedin and at the time of her pre-op testing her heart had actually reduced in size but the regurgitation had gotten much worse over the five year period and she was getting close to Stage C right before her surgery.

Sophie had surgery at the Bozon Clinic on November 27, 2017.  Her surgery went well but had a very challenging post-op recovery. One day after surgery she started to bleed internally from the anticoagulation medication.  Dr. Sabine Bozon quickly managed the bleeding by adjusting the dosage. Two days after surgery she developed a dangerous urinary tract infection and was immediately put on IV antibiotics. Five days after surgery three blood clots formed in her heart, one dangerously close to her Aorta. Dr. Bozon and my little fighter never gave up and on day fifteen post-op she was discharged from the Bozon Clinic. Today Sophie is a healthy, happy and energetic bundle of love. Her regurgitation has been reduced by 80% and her heart size is almost back to normal. She is not on any heart medications post surgery.

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age: 9 years old
Diagnosis: Stage B2
Hometown: Washington Crossing, PA Owner: Jeanne Navratil Instagram: @jnavratil2 Cardiologist: VSEC, Maribeth J. Bossbaly Primary Care Vet: WCAH, Dr. Jennifer Chabot Surgical Team: France, Drs. Masami Uechi, Sabine & Jean Hugues Bozon

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