Prudence is an 8 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Carlsbad, CA.  Prudence was diagnosed with a heart murmur for the first time in June 2016.  We immediately had a cardiologist perform an echocardiogram which revealed stage B2 mitral valve disease.  Unfortunately, Prudence's MVD progressed rapidly and within 6 weeks was in congestive heart failure.  At the time of her surgery on October 24, 2016 she was in refractory stage D (hospitalized).  Prudence's MVD is now reduced to stage B1 (murmur: no enlargement).  Her echocardiogram shows the mitral valve regurgitation is significantly reduced and her murmur is a grade 2.

Cardiologist: Dr. Timothy Hodge

Owner: Kari Puzzullo

Instagram: @dear._prudence

Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs | Mighty Hearts Project