Bentley is a 7 1/2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Maple Valley, WA. In 2015, Bentley’s vet mentioned that he had a slight heart murmur.  In November 2016, his heart murmur had elevated to a Grade 4.  He was taken to a cardiologist and diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease, Stage B2+.  He had an enlarged heart with severe regurgitation.  Bentley was stabilized with drug therapies. 

One week prior to traveling to France for Mitral Valve Repair surgery, Bentley went into early stage Congested Heart Failure, Stage C.  With an additional drug added, he was stabilized once again.  Bentley received his surgery in Versailles, France on March 23, 2017.  Bentley’s cardiologist, Dr. Mikaela Mueller, also flew to France to observe this miraculous surgery.  

Bentley had his 1-month post-op checkup on April 5, and is doing great!  His heart is back to normal size, he is off of all drug therapies, and his regurgitation was reduced to a normal range.  Bentley recently attended his first conference in Seattle, WA in front of 75-100 vets, as a guest star representing the MVR surgery.  Bentley is more active, full of energy, and spunky.  We are looking forward to his 3-month post-op checkup.

Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs | Mighty Hearts Project