Charlie Wentz

When first learning of Charlie’s diagnosis in July of 2017 I was absolutely devastated. He has been my best friend and constant companion these last 9 years and we have grown inseparable. After many sleepless nights I had stumbled upon the Mighty Hearts page and just like that everything changed! For the first time, since Charlie’s diagnosis, I experienced HOPE! Never could I imagine just a year later we would be on a journey half way across the world to see Dr.Uechi and his dream team in Japan. 

Since Charlie’s surgery he’s been on the road to recovery and our future is looking brighter than ever! Our most recent echo cardiogram conducted at Jasmine clinic revealed significant regurgitation reduction as well as measurable signs of his heart shrinking, just days after surgery! We have so much to look forward to and I’m forever grateful for the Mighty Hearts Project for providing us with the knowledge, care and support we needed at such a critical time in our lives. Our hearts are filled with so much joy and gratitude as we are blessed to have this amazing opportunity to mend Charlie’s heart. 

♥️Danielle & Charlie Wentz 



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