Stella was first diagnosed in November 2016 with a heart murmur by her vet during a routine check up. It was recommended that I take her for an echo just in case.  After the echo she was diagnosed with chronic valve disease, so I took her to a cardiologist.  At that time she had no symptoms and was not in need of medication.  I was told to bring her back every 6 months for re-evaluation. Fortunately, when my cardiologist explained what the disease was and I asked if there was a surgical option, she had heard about the Dr. Uechi and said she would investigate what their protocols where and see if they would look at Stella’s records.  At that time she was not a candidate for the surgery.  

When I took Stella for her follow up appointment in December 2017, Dr. Roland said her disease had progressed and she was going to update Jasmine and see what they thought. I had started the quarantine in September just in case.  Jasmine said she was now a candidate for surgery, her current state was B2.  Stella's heart had enlarged a significant amount by that time and she was put on Vetmedin.  When I went for Stella’s pre-op with Sayaka she said her heart was extremely large and was starting to obstruct her airway (it was very apparent on the x-ray).  

Stella had her surgery on 5/29/18 at the Jasmine clinic in Japan.  Thank goodness she did not have any significant post op complications and her left atrium is now normal in size.  She’s still healing.  We have her first follow up 7/3,  she seems great.  Stella is no longer coughing, off her medications and she's happy and energetic. I’m very grateful that her cardiologist told me about the surgery and that I found the Mighty Hearts group. The amount of information and help has been invaluable.

Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs | Mighty Hearts Project