Dutch Schmidt


Dutch is a 12 year old rescued mini schnauzer mix from Tampa, FL.  In July 2014 a level 2 murmur was detected during a routine visit at UF prior to his third dental cleaning and an echocardiogram confirmed Mitral Valve Disease.  Dutch has always been a high energy dog. Even at age 11 with CHF he wanted to play and fetch his favorite tennis ball.  Unfortunately, his murmur progressed and in September 2017 he developed an exercise intolerance.  He was taken to his primary care vet and and an x-ray confirmed the worst - congestive heart failure. Dutch went on Lasix for the fluid in his lungs, enalapril and pimobendan. His murmur was staged at 5 and was taken to the best cardiologist in Florida, Dr. Simon Swift. After an extensive exam and Echo, he confirmed not just the heart failure but that he had maybe 8-9 months to live and recommended MVR surgery with Dr. Uechi.  Dutch had mitral valve repair surgery at Clinique Veterinaire Bozon on February 1, 2018.

Dutch is currently off all meds except Vetmedin to keep the heart beating strong as the disease enlarged and twisted it prior to surgery. Heart has already decreased in size and the murmur down to grade 2 and very mild regurgitation.

Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs | Mighty Hearts Project