Rupert Schmidt

 Rupert was first diagnosed with a heart murmur October 2018 . He showed no signs of illness but I was concerned about his rapid breathing. On examination I was told he had a heart murmur and a subsequent X-Ray showed fluid in his lungs and an enlarged heart . We couldn’t believe it as he’d shown no real signs of illness before this . Our cardiologist then determined that he had leakage from the mitral valve and had one episode of heart failure ! He was prescribed Vetmedin, Cardalis and diuretics. These seemed to stabilize him, Rupert was reacting well to the medication. I was relieved by this .  However I wanted to learn about mitral valve disease (MVD) and started googling the disease and I was horrified to learn that even with medication Rupert would probably not be alive next Christmas!.

Through my research I saw that the RVC in London was doing this surgery, however I was not sure if I was comfortable with this procedure. This was when I found the Mighty Hearts Project website which I initially thought was just for Americans but thought I’d email Nate Estes just in case he could help me in England. Nate and all the wonderful people on this site gave me the knowledge and courage to go for surgery.   On March 4th 2019 Rupert had his surgery. It was performed by the amazing RVC team ..... incredible people whose compassion skill and care helped both Rupert and I have our hearts mended .   Within a week of surgery Rupert was off all of his heart medications , his heart  was back to normal size and his regurgitation is minimal .

Ruperts first month cardiogram confirmed this . We are so pleased we were able to take the surgery route as now we hope that Rupert can live a normal healthy life with his brother and sisters. It has been however a very difficult and emotional journey not for the faint hearted but a journey I would do again and again to save one of my babies .  I have been humbled by the love ,support and kindness of all we have met and have gotten to know . I will be forever grateful to Nate and the Mighty Hearts Project community group who have supported me through this entire process and to the RVC team. Rupert is now happily home with his brother and sisters thanks to so many wonderful people who we will always be remembered fondly in my heart. Again, Thank you so much .

Love from Rupert and his humans

Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs | Mighty Hearts Project