Payton Patino

March 14, 2009 - December 20, 2017
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 8 years 9 months & 6 days
Stage: D
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ / Miami, FL / Woodhaven, MI

"Payton from birth was always a daddy’s girl. I was the center of her universe and her world revolved around me. She taught me so much. Like how to love selflessly, to always smile, and laugh often. Payton’s love and all dogs love I believe is a glimpse to how God intended humans to love one another. Her love was truly unconditional.

When I got divorced back in 2014 Payton and her older sister Jayda were the only things I fought for and won thank God. Her love and the happiness she brought to me made everything easier. She helped mend my heart and for that I will be eternally grateful. God knew I needed Payton more than she ever needed me. I am so blessed that He choose me to be her dad.

You are forever in what’s left of my heart. I miss you every second of every day, but I promise to be strong for Jayda. So until we all meet again in Heaven know that daddy loves you endlessly." -- Dad, Rob Patino

“For Every Joy That Passes, Something Beautiful Remains.”

Crystal Gem Dupouy

Crystal Gem Dupouy
November 17th, 2003 – February 28th, 2017

“No words describe a mother’s tears; no words can mend a broken heart”

The day I met you was December 25th, 2003. I got you as a Christmas gift, but you became so much more as years went by – 13, to be exact. You were there when I transitioned from high school to college; when I graduated; when I met the love of my life; when my grandparents left this Earth; through uncertain times, you were my only rock.

You taught me lots about love, companionship and personal growth. We both became better for each other and individually: you always wanted only “the best things” and I made sure you got them until your very last day. Every sacrifice was worthwhile as long as your heart kept beating. And we met a lot of angels along the way: people who were always there to help keep an eye on you or make sure you got your medicines. They all hold a special place in my heart. I wish you could have been there on my wedding day, scrambling my dress and wearing one of your own;

I wish you could be there to meet my first human child (you’ll always be my first baby) or that we did that trip to foreign lands together…but God had other plans and now you’re but a memory: the sweetest, cutest and fluffiest one of all. Sleep tight, little one. We’ll meet again. -From your loving mom, Rose

Ruby Bach

December 1, 2005 - January 22,2018
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age: 12 years
Stage: D
Hometown: Ridley Park, PA

"Ruby was the sweetest, friendliest most lovable dog ever. She was always excited to see anyone especially her family. She loved to go for walks and especially loved to go for car rides. She was loved by everyone she met. She has taken a huge part of my heart with her.

Ruby, I love you and miss you so much. You will be forever in my heart always and forever. Until we meet again." -- Ruby's loving mom, Debbie Bach

Louis Bennett

May 9, 2009 - October 17, 2017
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age: 8 years
Stage: D
Hometown: London, UK

"The most handsome, campest, bravest cavalier passed away in my arms at 9:25 in the morning. Louis's dad, Dr. Brockman, and Dr. Bristow were also with him. Louis was so loved. This photo with his pink tennis ball sums him up- the joy and love he filled us with with never be forgotten. Our hearts are truly shattered and the pain is unbearable. Louis is a total one off - he can never be replaced. Rest in peace my handsome man. Mummy loves you always. You are such a brave boy." --Emma

Milo Gulizio

August 26, 2008 - August 23, 2017
Breed: Chihuahua/Dapple Dachshund Mix
Age: 9 years
Stage: D
Hometown: New York, NY

"I lost my little buddy, my best friend and another piece of my heart on August 23, 2017. Those of you who knew Milo knew that he and I were inseparable. He was a true companion; my sidekick and the sweetest, most loving dog anyone could ever ask for. Friends and family would call him my shadow because where I was, Milo could be found right next to me. Those who knew how I was with Milo probably thought I was crazy about how I humanized his emotions, but all I know is that I felt nothing but pure love from Milo. He brought happiness into my life and he helped me cope with my mom's death by staying at my side when I needed it most.

I will miss being woken up every morning at 5:30am sharp because it was time for his breakfast. He would lick my face and nibble on my nose and ear relentlessly until I got up to feed him. I'll miss him running to the bathroom to lick the water off of my legs when I get out of the shower. I'll miss him bullying me into giving him another treat after dinner. But most of all, I will miss the feeling I got from seeing him after a long day of work--pure happiness.

Although another small piece of my heart is missing, I know that once Milo crossed over that rainbow bridge, mom was there to welcome him with open arms. Rest in peace little buddy. And thank you for bringing so much joy into my life."

--Michael Gulizio

Beanie Ruffini

November 16, 2017

"Beanie lived 17 years in good health until about three months ago when her heart started failing. She was one of the very best dogs we ever had. Beanie gave pure love every day of her life. In turn John gave her constant love and care. She was funny and happy, full of spirit. She ruled the other dogs and kept them in order. She loved to be on watch for possums in her yard. When baby possums played dead she brought them in the house to John’s bed. He put them back in a safe place. Our Beanie was greatly loved all her wonderful life. She is greatly missed." --Beanie's loving parents, John Simpson & Kay Ruffini

Chester Knapp

Feb 17, 2007 - July 31, 2017
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age: 10 Years
Stage: C
Hometown: Port Washington, New York

In December 2015, Chester was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease. Chester’s heart was so enlarged that his left lung bronchial was almost completely blocked, and the lower part of his lung was collapsed. The doctors put in a stent to open his airway. Chester was scheduled to have Mitral Valve Repair surgery November 2017, in Versailles, France. In May, his cardiology said that Chester would not make it to November. Chester was moved to the Emergency waiting list, where a spot came open in September.

Six weeks before leaving for France, Chester had some complications and passed away on July 31st. He left behind his dad and mom, Victor & Cindy; his brother, Sal, and his dog brother, Kingston.

“Chester lived like a rock star and Kingston, his little roadie, following him along on the journey. Unfortunately, as time went on, the rock star life caught up to Chester and he had to put a hold on his tour. But that didn’t stop Kingston from being Chester’s little groupie. Kingston made sure Chester still felt like he was the star that he was, and encouraged him to carry on.” Written with love by Sal.

Chester meant the world to the Knapp family. He is loved and missed.


Sept 24,2007 - May 20, 2017
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age: 9 years
Stage: D
Hometown: Fervaques, Calvados, France

"Choupinet was 3 months old when he came home. He was a cute puppy. My older tricolore taught him what he needed to know to be a gentle boy. He was the best friend I had never had. We were always together. When his beautiful eyes stared at me, I was instantly comforted. He loved playing with his ball. We spent hours playing together. I was proud of him when he was awarded at exhibitions. He was a very sensitive boy. He enriched the life of my mum who was ill. He was devoted to her and he felt she was leaving us before I did. After her death, he was sad and sorrowful. He gave me all his love and we lived happily until September 2016 when he had his first heart failure. We took care of him. Our life stopped. We didn't go out anymore, one of us always stayed with him to watch over him because he often fainted. We took care of him with our wonderful vet and he lived a year and a half in his happy life of good dog. He never showed he had this horrible disease. He couldn't run or play, but we did all we could to give him joy and pleasure. He was very greedy and even the last day, he ate his dinner as usual. At 10pm, he asked for his treat and a few minutes later, he fainted for the last time. We were devastated and have been since. I can't help crying when I think of him. He was affectionate, gentle and the best companion I have ever had. Now, I have four cavaliers and a puppy but Choupinet will stay in my heart forever."

--Choupinet's loving mother

Coal Seime

Coal was my sweet little toy poodle who died of MVD/CHF on December 6, 2016 at 13 years old. He had been diagnosed exactly one year before when he was coughing, wheezing and felt "squishy". I brought him to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center where they diagnosed a Grade 5/6 heart murmur, admitted him into ICU, put him in an oxygen kennel and gave him diuretics. He responded immediately and went on to have a good life for the next year, with medications every 12 hours and regular check-ups. He was a total sweetheart and I loved him dearly. He was "My Boy" and always will be. I miss him every. day!!!

(Kari Seime)

Tucker Lucia

I miss when you would wake me up in the morning for work by scratching my door. When you would lay on top of me, reluctantly giving me a hug. How you rushed the pizza delivery guy when he came. When you greeted me at the door every time I came home. I loved when you would lay across dad’s lap to beg for food at dinner. When you ask for booty rubs by strategically placing your butt in petting position. When you pulled me along the trail on our hikes even though I was tired. How you didn’t really care for other dogs at the dog park and just wanted to follow me around. The sound of you prancing around the house on the hardwood floor. The way you ask for water by staring at the empty bowl. How much you love all fruits and vegetables. The sound of you contently eating your food. You patiently waited for your home cooked meals. Most of all the way you looked at us with your big beautiful brown eyes.

I miss how you let us know you deserved a treat each time you went potty outside. You would spin around in circles when you went number two. I loved how expected an extra ice cube every time we opened the freezer. When you try to sit inside of my bag when I get home from a trip. How you would get so excited when I brought home bananas. How much you loved green beans and ate them whole. I loved when you would dunk your beard in the water bowl and purposely place it on my leg. When you would quietly listen to me, no matter what I had to say. You have left an everlasting paw print on my heart and in my life. I love you Tucker

– Love Rudy

Riley Pittman

Riley Pittman
February 20, 2009 – February 7, 2019

“I shall not look upon his like again.” Hamlet.

Riley came to live with us at three months of age from our breeder friend in Chicago. We were thrilled with his outgoing, friendly personality. He would run up to any person or animal and instantly befriend them. When we first started to take Riley around the block for a walk it would take approximately fifteen minutes. Six months later it was taking an hour and a half. He knew everyone in the neighborhood: adults, children, dogs, cats, squirrels and even the stray rabbits. If there was no one on the street or sidewalk, he would even stop and peer into the living room windows and backyards.

Riley became a Certified Therapy Dog at the age of two and continued to make visits until he was nine and a half years old. He made just under five hundred visits to three retirement homes in Ottawa. For this he was given the highest award by the American Kennel Club, “Distinguished Therapy Dog” in 2017. He filled the hearts of the residents with joy and humor. Riley loved to perform for them with his hilarious antics and tricks. Riley was truly a gift from God. While our home will never again be the same, we will always have many wonderful, endearing memories of him. Riley will always be embedded in our hearts and souls.

Bogart Oliver Rogers

Bogart was a little dog with a huge personality. He managed to steal the heart of everyone he met, not thinking twice about climbing on their lap and forcing them to pet him. Not only did all his family and friends love him, but even on visits to the vet, everyone there knew his name. He loved to play with his toys, always wanted to be cuddling his humans, and had a ferocious appetite.

Even at 11 years, he was as playful as a puppy. If a toy had a squeaker, Bo wouldn’t stop tearing at that toy until he got the squeaker out. If you were to ask what Bogart’s favorite food was, we would have to say everything! Especially when it comes to human food, Bo would stand on his hind legs and beg from anyone who was eating. Bogart loved to go on walks, though he hated the summer heat. He would always find shady areas to rest in, but nothing would stop him from chasing down a squirrel. He had a love/hate relationship with the pool, always wanting in if anyone was swimming, but then once he got in, he wanted out immediately.

Bogart and his older (and bigger) brother Harley were so close, having spent nearly their whole lives together. Bogart was the boss though, and Harley will miss him. Bogart had a loud bark, so whether he was hungry, looking for attention, or barking at passerby’s, he filled his house with noise.. His big paws suited his big personality, as did his long body strut and tail wag. Though our hearts are broken that he is no longer with us, we are so thankful to have had him in our lives. He brought us constant laughter and showed us, unfaltering love. We will look back fondly on the memories and will never forget how he made us feel. We will love you forever and always. Love, Your Momma’s, and brother Harley.

Heidi Wicksman

Heidi Wicksman

July 11, 2006 - March 27, 2019

“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” – Edith Wharton

Heidi My Heart,
Heidi was diagnosed with CHF in August, 2018. Her heart was so enlarged that she was not expected to live beyond 2-3 months. To the amazement of her cardiologists, she would go for her check-ups full of energy and life - a ‘statistical anomaly’. She was just 2 weeks shy of clearing quarantine for surgery in Japan. She never knew she was sick, played relentlessly, chased her stuffed animals every single night. She had attitude and personality plus, a dachshund who would stamp her chubby paw on her leash until she got exactly what she wanted. Nicknamed the ‘mayor of the building’, she trained everyone to escort her out the door, walk her to the elevator, continuously came up with new antics. Too cute and she knew it. She cruised the streets at a city pace with those short legs of hers, every store owner knew her and most doormen- at least the ones who had treats. She stopped strangers with those eyes of hers, poor baby got no attention! Our longest standoff was 2 hours on a street corner, she won of course. I loved her demanding stubbornness, she was smart, beautiful and goofy. She lived her life to the fullest with a tail that never stopped wagging. I will be forever grateful for that. Heidi, my sweet little baby girl, how I loved you, always will . I miss you every second of every day.

“What we have once enjoyed
we can never lose;

All that we love deeply
becomes a part of us”.
– Helen Keller