Bogart Oliver Rogers

Bogart was a little dog with a huge personality. He managed to steal the heart of everyone he met, not thinking twice about climbing on their lap and forcing them to pet him. Not only did all his family and friends love him, but even on visits to the vet, everyone there knew his name. He loved to play with his toys, always wanted to be cuddling his humans, and had a ferocious appetite.

Even at 11 years, he was as playful as a puppy. If a toy had a squeaker, Bo wouldn’t stop tearing at that toy until he got the squeaker out. If you were to ask what Bogart’s favorite food was, we would have to say everything! Especially when it comes to human food, Bo would stand on his hind legs and beg from anyone who was eating. Bogart loved to go on walks, though he hated the summer heat. He would always find shady areas to rest in, but nothing would stop him from chasing down a squirrel. He had a love/hate relationship with the pool, always wanting in if anyone was swimming, but then once he got in, he wanted out immediately.

Bogart and his older (and bigger) brother Harley were so close, having spent nearly their whole lives together. Bogart was the boss though, and Harley will miss him. Bogart had a loud bark, so whether he was hungry, looking for attention, or barking at passerby’s, he filled his house with noise.. His big paws suited his big personality, as did his long body strut and tail wag. Though our hearts are broken that he is no longer with us, we are so thankful to have had him in our lives. He brought us constant laughter and showed us, unfaltering love. We will look back fondly on the memories and will never forget how he made us feel. We will love you forever and always. Love, Your Momma’s, and brother Harley.