Chester Knapp

Feb 17, 2007 - July 31, 2017
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age: 10 Years
Stage: C
Hometown: Port Washington, New York

In December 2015, Chester was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease. Chester’s heart was so enlarged that his left lung bronchial was almost completely blocked, and the lower part of his lung was collapsed. The doctors put in a stent to open his airway. Chester was scheduled to have Mitral Valve Repair surgery November 2017, in Versailles, France. In May, his cardiology said that Chester would not make it to November. Chester was moved to the Emergency waiting list, where a spot came open in September.

Six weeks before leaving for France, Chester had some complications and passed away on July 31st. He left behind his dad and mom, Victor & Cindy; his brother, Sal, and his dog brother, Kingston.

“Chester lived like a rock star and Kingston, his little roadie, following him along on the journey. Unfortunately, as time went on, the rock star life caught up to Chester and he had to put a hold on his tour. But that didn’t stop Kingston from being Chester’s little groupie. Kingston made sure Chester still felt like he was the star that he was, and encouraged him to carry on.” Written with love by Sal.

Chester meant the world to the Knapp family. He is loved and missed.