Sept 24,2007 - May 20, 2017
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age: 9 years
Stage: D
Hometown: Fervaques, Calvados, France

"Choupinet was 3 months old when he came home. He was a cute puppy. My older tricolore taught him what he needed to know to be a gentle boy. He was the best friend I had never had. We were always together. When his beautiful eyes stared at me, I was instantly comforted. He loved playing with his ball. We spent hours playing together. I was proud of him when he was awarded at exhibitions. He was a very sensitive boy. He enriched the life of my mum who was ill. He was devoted to her and he felt she was leaving us before I did. After her death, he was sad and sorrowful. He gave me all his love and we lived happily until September 2016 when he had his first heart failure. We took care of him. Our life stopped. We didn't go out anymore, one of us always stayed with him to watch over him because he often fainted. We took care of him with our wonderful vet and he lived a year and a half in his happy life of good dog. He never showed he had this horrible disease. He couldn't run or play, but we did all we could to give him joy and pleasure. He was very greedy and even the last day, he ate his dinner as usual. At 10pm, he asked for his treat and a few minutes later, he fainted for the last time. We were devastated and have been since. I can't help crying when I think of him. He was affectionate, gentle and the best companion I have ever had. Now, I have four cavaliers and a puppy but Choupinet will stay in my heart forever."

--Choupinet's loving mother