Tucker Lucia

I miss when you would wake me up in the morning for work by scratching my door. When you would lay on top of me, reluctantly giving me a hug. How you rushed the pizza delivery guy when he came. When you greeted me at the door every time I came home. I loved when you would lay across dad’s lap to beg for food at dinner. When you ask for booty rubs by strategically placing your butt in petting position. When you pulled me along the trail on our hikes even though I was tired. How you didn’t really care for other dogs at the dog park and just wanted to follow me around. The sound of you prancing around the house on the hardwood floor. The way you ask for water by staring at the empty bowl. How much you love all fruits and vegetables. The sound of you contently eating your food. You patiently waited for your home cooked meals. Most of all the way you looked at us with your big beautiful brown eyes.

I miss how you let us know you deserved a treat each time you went potty outside. You would spin around in circles when you went number two. I loved how expected an extra ice cube every time we opened the freezer. When you try to sit inside of my bag when I get home from a trip. How you would get so excited when I brought home bananas. How much you loved green beans and ate them whole. I loved when you would dunk your beard in the water bowl and purposely place it on my leg. When you would quietly listen to me, no matter what I had to say. You have left an everlasting paw print on my heart and in my life. I love you Tucker

– Love Rudy